January 20, 2017


It's 9:13am, January 20, 2017. Inauguration Day.

Like many others who have lived in Washington for a long time, I remember being a bit player in past events.

I just watched President-elect Trump being greeted at the doors of St. John's Church by its rector, the Rev. Luis Leon. Every President-elect traditionally attends a brief prayer service at St. John's -- "the church of the presidents," directly across Lafayette Square from the While House -- on Inauguration Day morning.

I was in the balcony at St. John's for the prayer service on the morning of Ronald Reagan's first inauguration. I had mixed feelings when I looked down at the congregation and spotted Frank Sinatra and other movie stars.

I also remember being on the vestry of St. John's when we chose Luis Leon as the church's new rector, replacing my treasured friend John Harper who had retired from that position after 30 years.

Enough "me stuff." What I need to do today is "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative." So here are a few favorite videos from the Obama years.

The Obama's Were the Greatest First Family of Modern Times.

President Obama Is a World-Class Writer and Speaker, but He also Has a Nice Voice. 

But When it Comes to Singing, Michelle Could Win any "American Idol" Competition.

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