February 17, 2017

Exercises that Support Recovery from Hip Replacement Surgery

I got a new hip three and a half weeks ago. Now I'm working with a very good physical therapist on exercises recommended for people recovering from the hip replacement operation.

Setting aside 15 or 30 minutes every day to exercise just doesn’t work for me. I do best when I can make exercise part of my normal activities.

For example, I've adapted some exercises recommended by my therapist so I can do them with my walker. One of the routines,for example, involves rising up on my toes; another  is a half  squat. Now I do those exercises when using the walker. This coming week will be devoted to the standing exercises for hip recovery.  I will talk with my trainer on whether any of those could be adapted to the walker.

When I wake up in the morning, I spend lots of time just lying in bed, contemplating the day ahead. During this time, I now do the most important "after hip-replacement" exercises for ankles, thighs and buttocks.

My daughter forwarded some links she found online with exercise videos specifically designed for people recovering from hip replacement.

The exercises are broken into short segments according to the activities you’d like to address, like getting into and out of cars, in and out of bed, going upstairs and down… You’ll see that this first video (like others) recommends leading with the good foot going upstairs, and leading with the operated side going downstairs. Up with the good, down with the bad.
She included several other links to hip exercise videos:
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An Important Caution
I'm glad I ran these suggestions by my physical therapist. Here are her comments on the internet links to hip exercise videos.
Regarding the videos about getting in and out of bed and moving around, walking stairs etc, you need to be very careful and I do not recommend you follow them. They do not explain the difference between anterior approach and posterior total hip replacements (THR). Most are talking about precautions and how to do things after a posterior THR. You had an anterior approach hip replacement! Many of things shown on the videos are not in accordwith  the newest evidence-based practice (repetitive hip flexion exercises are not recommended after anterior THR whereas for posterior THR it's ok). Some things are just dangerous (such as going up/down stairs with the walker and twisting). Most of the exercises shown are the basics you have been doing already. I'll be happy to guide you on how to progress through these and I'll include new ones as much as you can tolerate.
Her response sent a clear message that I needed to hear. When I have a health problem and want to find a remedy for it  I usually opt for a  search on the Internet and turn to professionals only as a last resort

We met this morning (Saturday) and reviewed the exercises designed for patients to do while seated. My therapist also recommended several new ones. Then she took videos of me doing the exercises.

Next time, we'll repeat this process for the standing exercises.


Saqib Khawaja said...

I hope and wish to see your positive recovery and good healthy life. i think our lack of diet and lack of protein and hair loss will make us not suffer a lot in our old age. Have a good and healthy life. God Bless You and us all.

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