March 17, 2017

Oh What A Beutiful Morning!

That song title from the musical Oklahoma kept coming to mind last Tuesday morning when, after Washington's first real snowstorm of the winter, my home family (also referred to on this blog as "my Kathmandu family") had a rare and welcome opportunity to spend some quality time together.

The overnight snowfall wasn't the blizzard the weather reporters had predicted, but it was enough to close most area schools and businesses (including the World Bank, where my housemates Nimesh and Bhawana are employed). When they go to work, their daughter Nivah -- who will celebrate her first birthday this coming week -- goes to the babysitter. So, on weekdays, I'm usually leaving "home alone."

Weekends, given the significant difference in our ages and backgrounds, we tend to go our separate ways. So the opportunity for a full morning of family time was most welcome!

Our first snowstorm called for our first fire in the fireplace. The four of us spent most of the morning enjoying the family time around the fireplace.

Nivah shows the happiness we all were feeling:

Nimesh cooked our brunch in the fireplace:

Nivah decided she wanted to share mine.

She is serenaded by her dad:

And then gets tossed in the air:


#    #     #   #    #

When I look back over my soon-to-be 88 years and reflect on the times when I've been happiest, what invariably comes to mind first is a gorgeous fall day in Washington over twenty years ago. I had just biked up the hill leading to my house after cycling to Great Falls, Maryland on the C&O Canal towpath. I was standing at the end of my driveway when I was suddenly struck by a wave of happiness so powerful it almost knocked me over. 

Tuesday's snow storm morning was like that.

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