July 24, 2017

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" #1

The first half of 2017 has been a struggle, mainly because a fall on January 20 fractured my hip and resulted in hip replacement surgery. It's been my life's worst spell of ill health.

I've finally seen signs of recovery. In fact, the last two weekends have brought moments of genuine, big-time happiness.

At this point, the TMI John of old would have begun relating these pleasant experiences in great detail. But the new "less is more" John will recount the stories in two separate, brief posts. So, here's the tale of that first weekend.

Saturday July 15
It was one of those rare summer days in DC with reasonable temperatures and low humidity. So my Eskridge Terrace family (Nimesh, Bhawana, their 16-month-old daughter Nivah, and me) had breakfast on the back porch, enjoying the rare day and playing with Nivah. Our house guest, Nimesh's cousin, took this video:

Then the others went back into the house and I started reading my email messages. The first one was from my granddaughter Jessie.

Jessie's daughter (my great granddaughter) Kaylee would turn 11 years old on Monday. As a birthday treat, I planned to take Kaylee, Jessie, and my daughter Ann to the Kennedy Center to see a performance of The Sound of Music. Unfortunately, I messed up the dates for the tickets, and they weren't able to go. I felt awful about my mistake and sent Jessie an email apology.

Here's Jessie's reply:
I was hoping to share some big news with you today. I am in the beginning stages of a very exciting adventure. An adventure that YOU have actually inspired me to take. I am going to carry a baby (that's not genetically related to me) for a same sex couple. After hearing about your struggles and the discrimination that you've faced over your lifetime, I felt like I had to do something. I had to find a way to take a stand and advocate. I thought what better way to help than to assist a gay couple in having a family. I am working with a wonderful couple (Eric and Tony) who are both lawyers in Australia, they've been together 20 years and desperately want a child. I am so excited to help them do this. But am even more happy to be advocating for the gay community. This all comes back to you. If I had never heard your story and everything that you've been through, I wouldn't even be considering this.

I just couldn't wait another day to share this with you! That being said, I hope to see you another day really soon. Just let me know when works for you. 😊
I spent the rest of the morning in my rocking chair on the porch, looking out at the pond and garden, thinking about my Schappi and Nepali families, and feeling happier than I have in a long time.

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