September 6, 2017

Happy New Year!

When I left Cornell Law School in March, 1955, I was two months away from my 26th birthday. Beginning when I was 5, the big event in all those formative years came in early September with the start of a new school year. So I've always thought of the week after Labor Day as the beginning of a New Year.

In many religions, fall is also a time for major festivals or events that call for reflecting on the past and contemplating the future.
  •  Dashain is the major festival for Hindus in Nepal. It usually occurs in late September or early October,
  •  Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, will be  celebrated September  9 and 10 this year. Yom Kipper, the Day of Atonement, follows on September 22.
  • Eid al-Adha, the celebration held to commemorate the story of Ibrahim, is the holiest event of the Muslim year. In 2017, it began either August 31 or September 1 and coincides with the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.
This will be the start of what promises to be a special year for me to reflect on the past, contemplate   the future, and enjoy each day with family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Dear John, I really enjoy reading your blog for several reasons. I did come across your blog by searching for Mike's Breakfast in Nepal! My husband and I stayed there in 1999, and Mike happened to be sitting on the breakfast patio behind us with his friends. He was such a warm and nice person - he inquired if they had given us fresh towels. I was sad to see that he had passed away. It was a trip of a lifetime for us, and I'll always remember that peaceful Pokhara lake setting.
And so it came to be that I keep enjoying your blog and writing. Not only for your wit and humor but also because it is about life. My mom passed away this year, two of my beloved cats, and a dear friend recently. So death is very much on my mind these days, and how to deal with it (most people don't want to). I try to follow the Bhutanese advice to think about death at least once a day to be happy (such a strange concept). My cousin was diagnosed with Parkinson's and he tries to be very upbeat about life even though he has all the symptoms already :(
Well, I signed in as anonymous but this is Andrea, wishing you a happy new year!