November 20, 2017

Hello from Rehab!

I haven’t posted anything for weeks. Here’s why:
  • On Sept 25, I had a “spell” at home, probably a TIA.
  • On Sept 26, I had another more serious spell at home, went to Georgetown Hospital, underwent tests, and learned I’d had “small stroke,” which affected mainly my right hand and arm.
  • On Sept 30, I fell at home, gashed my head, went to GWU Hospital, and received 15 staples and 6 stitches. I was admitted, and then had a series of TIAs that night. Additional weakness to my right side. (I would not have survived this fall had I not been wearing the medical alert chain around my neck. I used it to summon the EMTs.) 
  • On Oct 4, I went to the rehab center at Sibley Hospital. (I have no recollection of being at GWU or Sibley Hospital, and have heard that friends and family who were present did not think I was going to survive.)
  • On Oct 9, I went home under home hospice care. While at home for several weeks, I felt like I was improving.
  • On Nov 2, I went to the rehab center at Forest Hills on Connecticut Avenue, and have been here since. The photo of yours truly was taken in my room yesterday.

Therapists are working to help improve my speech and build up my strength. These healthcare providers, family, and friends all seem to agree that my situation is improving.

I'll keep you posted.


Mike Gamble said...

You have been missed! Hang in there with wishes from everyone for a speedy recovery!

Jim Contreras said...

Mike said it all.

Anna said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, dear John, for thinking so much us, your thousands of nameless, faceless readers who love you and miss you when you're away from your computer, to let us know what's been happening in your life. You are an inspiration to those of us not too far behind you on this journey, showing us how it can be done with beauty, style and dignity. Godspeed! You are loved!


Anonymous said...

I just started reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your story, and for the helpful suggestions and links. I wish you all the best in your recovery. My mother has PD and I am sharing your blog with her (in the Netherlands).

Mary said...

Glad to see you back. Your writing is always good and something I appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best... Did miss you