November 20, 2010

Upping 5-HTP dosage results in less sleep but more "manic" energy

Having an event-free day today, I decided last night to experiment with upping my 5-HTP dosage from 100 mg to 150 mg. I had done this recently during a trip to California and it seemed to help boost my energy level and enable me to be on the go all day long. In fact, I worried a bit that I was on a high similar to what Kay Redfield Jamison described in her classic book "The Unquiet Mind" on her bipolar disease.  :-)

As I noted in a post below, on 100mg 5-HTP, I 've been averaging 8 hours sleep a night. This morning, after the 150 mg dosage, I woke up after 5 hours but full of energy AND with answers to a problem I had been wrestling with all week.  I have found generally with 5-HTP that it often results in problem-solving on waking.

So in addition to taking care of depression, insomnia, and constipation and helping with weight loss, 5-HTP also resolves problems! What's not to like?


David Froemming said...

Why the combination of Gingko Biloba and 5-HTP? What dosage do you take?

John Schappi said...

In the book "5-HTP:The Natural Way to Overcome Depression, Obesity, and Insomnia," the author, Michael Murray, mention that Ginkgo Biloba can enhance the working of 5-HTP. I gave it a try, using a minimal (60 mg) dosage of Ginkgo Biloba with my usual bedtime 100 mg of 5-HTP. Murray had recommended taking Ginkgo Biloba three times a day, but I'd rather start with the smaller dosage.

Batoota2007 said...

5 htp is a serotonin precursor and is in combination,with derenyl- selegiline a great support ,to enhance dopaminergic energy,to reach it's places ....and in good amounts