December 6, 2010

OD on 5-HTP - 5 a.m.

Note: Ignore the date line.  This blog template insists on ordering the posts by putting the most recent first.  Today (SUNDAY) I wanted to order the posts regarding my OD day in the reverse order.  Apparently the only was to do this is to change the date line.

Last night when I was taking my bedtime pills I got confused (nothing new here) and couldn't remember if I'd taken my 100 mg. 5-HTP. So I gambled on taking a 100 mg pill, hoping I hadn't already taken one.

Now (5 a.m.) it's clear that I took two pills.  I've been up for an hour.  I feel terrific. I've spent the past hour bombarded with ideas and plans.

I'll continue posting throughout the day.

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