January 17, 2011

4. Working on this blog definitely adds to the quality of my life.

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While I was HR VP at BNA, we brought in a psychologist/consultant, Karol Wasylyshyn, who specializes in executive development and couching. In my last year before retirement, she did a pre-retirement assessment on me to come up with a plan for a creative retirement.

One of her major recommendations was that i I look for a driving force that would involve a riveting interaction with other people (preferably one on one), have tangible outcomes, be intellectually demanding and multifaceted, and require a synthesis of information. Now, l6 years after my retirement, I've found a project that is right on target with this template.

I've always enjoyed writing, particularly when it involves pulling together information from a variety of sources. And I’ve always enjoyed research projects, but the Internet has escalated that interest dramatically. I can happily spend hours tracking down information through Google.

I would be delighted if this blog, which is in its infancy, grows into a place where people with PD and their caregivers and friends can turn when they want questions answered or research done. I also will be glad to be on the receiving end of helpful tips from others.

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