January 1, 2011

WebMD warning on abuse of drugs and supplements

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 WebMD is one of the best web site for medical and health  information IMHO. I've signed up for their daily e-mailings. I look only at the lead item and click on it only when it's of interest. This morning's provides a brief slide show on the most commonly abused OTC and prescription drugs. See:


As a recovering alcoholic with over 30 years of sobriety, you'd think I'd know better but I didn't and  came close to becoming addicted to Ambien and Tylenol PM which I started using for jet lag in my travels to Nepal but then began using on a more frequent basis.  This is something we all need to be cautious about.


Hans said...

John -- RE supplements, what do you know about the possible benefits of CO Q 10 for those of us with Parkinson's


John Schappi said...

Hans -- I've been using CO Q 10 practically from the start of my diagnosis with PD, I'll post a research report on it in a day or two