March 21, 2011

An inspiring report from a Parkinson's activist on her clinical trial involving stem cell research

Here's a video made by a woman who is a world-class example of sharing one's "experience, strength and hope" in an effort to help others.  I first came to know Margie as one of the moderators of my favorite Yahoo group on Parkinson's -- People Living With Parkinson's (  She has backed off from this while she focuses on the clinical trial she's now undergoing. She's embargoed from disclosing details of  the experimental treatment pending the outcome of the trial, but it apparently involves the use of her own stem cells.

This video speaks for itself in showing what a remarkable woman she is.  Our hopes and prayers are with her.


Margie said...

I am that person on the video. The clinical trial that I am going through has helped me tremendously. I have has some things happen: 1. mild tremors lasting about a few minutes in my right hand. 2. I have fallen twice, since the trial began and I froze once. But It is great being able to read again and smell. I value each day and if all of my symptoms return, at least I had a break from this progressive disease, we call Parkinson's.

John Schappi said...

Margie -- You continue to inspire. I understand that, if all goes well, come May you and your husband will be getting in your RV to spend the next several months traveling across the country spreading the word about Parkinson's.
I hope you'll be able to carry out your plan to launch an "RVing with Parkinson's" blog. I'll be an avid reader!