April 24, 2011

Easter, Passover, Spring -- Time for reflection, renewal and resolutions

Easter morning and it's a beautiful spring day in D.C. Later today I'll go to my son's house in the wooded hills north of Frederick, Md. for a get-together with my family - my growing family with the imminent arrival of my second great-granddaughter.

Last Monday I had a nice Seder at a friend's house. Yesterday I had my backyard pond cleaned and refreshed. And, after a cool and rainy Friday, I did some planting and transplanting.

All of which reminds me that this is the time of year, rather than New Year's Day,  when I reflect on the past year and think about ways in which I might make the renewed year even better. Thinking about this, I remembered a "spring cleaning" video posted recently by my favorite Parkinson's blogger, "Dopadoc."

"Dopadoc" is Dr. Marshal Davidson who was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2006 at age 44.  His blog website is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. See:


All of us, not just those with Parkinson's, could benefit from his suggestions.  Here's the video:


Trevor Underwood said...

Hi John -- sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. And you had the pond cleaned, too! I think I saw some fish in a garden picture you posted last week. How about a pond update in May? I'm really enjoying your posts....

John Schappi said...

Hi Trevor -- Thanks for the positive feedback. Yep. I'll be doing a May update on what the garden looks like. As I indicated, I'm going to be surprised (pleasantly I hope!) with what pops up since I'm not sure what I planted in last year's obsessive-compulsive gardening.