April 14, 2011

So what happened to your promise to post about dementia?

Yeah.  In  an earlier post, I said I would take up the subject of dementia this week.  Well, last weekend I watched the exercise video that I discussed in the April 12 posting and the next day the news came out on the findings in the study of which exercise programs are most beneficial for people with Parkinson's. So I was off and running on that tangent. I decided to devote this week's posts to the subject of exercise.

This blog is a work in progress.  I keep testing out new ideas and approaches. This week's idea was to select a "Topic of the Week"  and devote most of the week's postings to that topic.  So this has been Exercise Week.  Next week will be Dementia Week.

In my professional career, my colleagues often would complain about my butterfly/grasshopper tendencies to jump from one enthusiasm to another. So "the more things change, the more they remain the same."

I do believe in the importance of keeping promises. So I apologize for not getting to dementia this week. But it will be the centerpiece of next week's postings.


Jefferson said...

So glad you'll comment on this topic, John. I'm worried about my dad.

Mpswords said...

Personally, I always thought your butterfly/grasshopper approach was one of the few things that kept work interesting!

John Schappi said...

Thanks, Pat. I suspect that for at least some on my staff it might have been more aggravating than interesting. But fortunately we had a good team. In any event, you and I were lucky to work for employee-owned BNA.