May 4, 2011

My interview with Robert Rodgers of "Parkinson's Recovery"

I'm not particularly happy with my ramblings in this interview, and I certainly wasn't happy when I accidentally hung up on Rodgers early in the chat.  (I've got to do something about my phone that has the "off" button positioned so that I hit it with my cheek bone whenever I press the phone too close to my face.)

Fortunately Rodgers is a delightful, easy-going, and knowledgeable interviewer.  For the past five years or more, he's been providing information on the use of natural therapies and other resources to help relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Our interview appears on his blog radio site:

Check out his blog for a wealth of suggestions for alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson's:

Robert has also just published a second edition of his book, Road to Recovery from Parkinson's Disease.

All good stuff.


Erik said...

Just heard the interview, and expecially liked your comments about insomnia and those meditation exercises. Must give them a try. So glad that the show directed me to your blog, Mr. Schappi.

Celeste said...

I laughed at the inadvertent hang-up. My trick is making accidental cellphone calls from my purse! You mentioned "serendipity" several times during your conversation with Dr. Rodgers, but it seems like you have also made some excellent life choices. We look forward to reviewing your Parkinson's blog today. Regards, Celeste

Bob S said...

Glad to hear you haven't lost your story-telling gift. Congrats on the interview, and the blog.

John Schappi said...

Thanks, Bob.

John Schappi said...

Glad I don't have a purse! I'm klutzy enough as is.

I was clumsy before Parkinson's and I've certainly not gotten better!

John Schappi said...

I've been pleasantly surprised that the 4 a.m. wake-up, which I used to dread, now is one of my favorite times of the day, right up there with my early morning and late afternoon coffee hour!

Emily said...

Wednesday I listened to your interview with Mr. Rogers. That, and your
blog ha
inspired me to
write. I was officially diagnosed with PD at age 80 by a neurologist,
though I had been told I had it five years earlier. Everyone seems to
have different symptoms and ways of dealing with the disease. I didn't
take any medication at first since I was told it would not cure PD. After
I began having tremors I started with Amantidine. It didn't help. Then
was given Carbidopa/Levo (25/100) three times a day. Six months ago
Minipex ER (0.75) once a day, was added.

Exercise is highly touted. Perhaps through
lucky happenstance I had
been an avid badminton player for years and when I be
to slow at that, switched
to jogging/running and working out at the gym. Now I am at a slow walking
and sometimes unsteady gait. I still work out at the gym by using the
various machines and weight lifting.

Your blogs are helpful and encouraging to me. Thank you so much

John Schappi said...

Thanks for the supportive comment, Emily. And, yes, exercise seems to head just about every list of things we can do to cope with our affliction (and just about every other affliction that comes with aging).

John Schappi said...

Erick - My apologies for the belated response. I got distracted by the Phyllis Richman debate and other things. Welcome on board! -- John