July 30, 2011

A Walk on the Wild Side

My previous photos of walks in our neighborhood woods have devoid of animal life, except for an occasional dog and walker. This morning was different.

My housemate and I headed out about 6:30am. As we were walking up University Terrace, the street that goes uphill from the house, here's what we saw:

First mama, who is obeying the stop sign:

 Then papa:

"Hey, wait for me!" Here's one of the two fawns trotting behind ma and dad:

We headed up the hill and then, a few blocks to the right, we started back down through the woods, where we encountered another strange animal:

We continued on the walk that I've described before.

But when we got to the end of the walk, still feeling pretty good despite the increasing heat and humidity, we decided to cross the main street, MacArthur Boulevard, which at 7:30am on a Saturday was devoid of the commuters' cars that packed the road 24 hours earlier.

On the other side, next to the former one-room school house, is the opening to the continuation of our woods walk:

Although this is a much shorter walk, it may be even prettier than the main trail.

All too soon, this patch of woods comes to an end as we near the Potomac, the canal, and the highway that runs beside the river. If you look closely at this shot, you can glimpse the canal and its towpath:

As we leave the woods, we glance back for another glimpse of the canal:

And get ready to re-emerge on the street scene:

The path you see in the last two photos is where the old trolley car line ran from downtown DC to the Glen Echo amusement park in Maryland, just a few miles beyond my DC Palisades 'hood. When we bought our first house in 1959, I was lucky enough to commute to work using the trolley. Stay tuned for a photo-shoot of the old trolley car line's path through the Palisades (with a surprise ending).


Hlewisconnect said...

I am "only 54" and while this seems impossible to me, yep, I am 54. I too walk the Palisades as I have a 1 year old puppy who demands it. But, I always take some time out of my day at my desk to go on your walks with you. It's fun to figure out where you are on your walk  by the different houses and sights. I was however a little insulted that my house did not get included on your pretty house walk a few weeks back. :)

I reluctantly have to admit, that yes, my grass is a little brown... but, such a little thing to throw me off the list!!!


Ladywithpearls said...

Your blog continues to be beautiful and inspiring. Enjoy your vacation and take lots of photos of the wild Northwest.