August 12, 2011

Dealing with a Tough Diagnosis in a Positive Way: One Shining Example

On March 25, this blog carried an inspirational message from my good friend Loene, who has been dealing with ongoing cancer diagnoses in an upbeat, positive way. Last week, Loene wrote again: there is new evidence that the cancer has spread, and she now faces three more months of chemo. Here is some of what she had to say:

I'm disappointed in the scan results, of course. But I've come to understand these last five years that cancer can be a kind of chronic disease where the patient expects always another recurrence and more treatment. When that's expected, it's no longer so disappointing when it happens. It just is. One of my friends has been doing that for more than eight years, and she takes advantage of every break in chemo, even if only a few weeks, to go somewhere she's always wanted to visit: China, Galapagos Islands, Provence, or to visit her family in New York. Like me, she's really healthy except for the cancer, and she also has more stamina and youth than I do. I don't want to jet off somewhere. Instead, I'm taking a new writing class and having great fun with it. I'm planning to take the second level writing class that starts in October and I expect that experience to help me finish up the chemo more easily. It always helps to have something to look forward to and something besides myself to concentrate on! (Yes, I know, two dangling participles! But I'm supposed to be learning to write the way I talk, so you can expect more and more bad grammar!)

I hope you're having a lovely summer. I appreciate your support and look forward to telling you the chemo is finished, once again, and I'm back on track for more months with no recurrence, maybe another year or two of freedom! --Loene
Thank you, Loene, for showing a positive way forward to all of us dealing with serious and chronic diseases. Please keep us posted.

Here’s Loene’s original note from this past spring:

The awesome power of the human spirit!

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Gedunk said...

She's a very strong woman...wish I had half of her positive nature.