August 30, 2011

The Polls Are Open: Which Survived Last Week the Best?

Last week was "The Week That Was" (for those of us old enough to remember that TV show). Monday I had a car crash. Tuesday was the earth quake that shook the hospital I was in. Saturday was Hurricane Irene which knocked out my power line.

Which of the following looks the best after that week?

My Car?

My Front Yard?

My Back Yard?

Or Me?


Sghimire25 said...

Nice to see you after the accident , I think you are doing well . Is it still have problem with your neck? I think you are a lucky one coz I saw the car was totally damaged . Thanks to te god. ...... Takecare

Gedunk4 said...

Think you're the will not forget that week!

Dafpax said...

You should sit up straighter....

Jackieblan said...

You, of course, followed by the yard...Can I take you to lunch next week?  By the way, I hope you know that I'm available to help out, run errands or whatever while you're laid up.