September 2, 2011

Consumer Reports Recommendations for Best Car Models for Seniors (2010 Models)

As I begin thinking about a replacement for my new 2010 Honda Fit that was totaled last week, I Google'd "best cars for seniors." The best hit was a  September 2010 report from Consumer Union on the "Best Car Models for Teens and Seniors." Here's what CU had to say:

"When it comes to finding right cars for seniors, we recommend vehicles that offer easy access, good visibility, a roomy driving position, and comfortable seating."

Here are its recommendations (2010 models) for the best cars for seniors in different categories:

  • Minivans: Honda Odyssey
  • Small SUV: Subaru Forester XT Limited
  • Upscale sedan: Hyundai Azera
  • Family sedan: Honda Accord
  • Microvan: Kia Rondo
(The Honda Accord was the only one on this list that overlapped with the recommended cars for teens.)

This report deals with 2010 models and doesn't cover the subcompacts I prefer, since most of my driving is in the city and and I like a small car that can navigate narrow city streets and is easier to squeeze into street parking spots. So I'm going to do some further research. Stay tuned.

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Gedunk4 said...

Have the subaru forester xt and love it...especially the pwr. seat...easy to get in and out plus visibility all around.