October 11, 2011

The Coshocton-Ohio County Fair. Memories of MY Tompkins-New York County Fair Many Moons Ago

Ah, October! There's so much to like about this month: a happy goodbye to the summer heat and humidity of Washington, DC... those amazing, rich colors of the fall... the cool, snappy mornings and the warm, sunny afternoons.... It's a favorite time of the year for me. I feel the same way about April, six months away on the other side of the calendar.

I was reminded of my fondness for October this past weekend, when a friend emailed me some pictures he took on a recent trip with a friend to Coshocton, Ohio. Their visit there with Steve's wonderful, active, 94-year-old, piano-playing mother happily coincided with the run of this year's Coshocton County Fair. It's a big event in this east central Ohio county, and this year it celebrated its 160th anniversary. And what's not to love about the merry-go-round, above? The very first painted pony I ever rode -- at the Tompkins County Fair in upstate New York -- looked pretty much like these.

The pictures that follow below brought back memories of my own happy childhood experiences at the Tompkins County Fair. I'll bet you a roast beef sundae that something here looks very familiar to YOU.

The fried, caloric junk food! I saw all these signs for fried cheese and knew they'd be unacceptable entrees on the Mediterranean diet we've discussed. For one day... diet be damned!

My friend told me he almost succumbed to this intriguing offering: a roast beef sundae. He thought about it, and choose an Italian sausage sandwich with fried peppers and onions, instead. Probably a good decision.

Up, up, and away! Like the kids of Coshocton County, OH, my first ferris wheel ride came at my own local county fair. I still remember being scared when the guy sharing the seat with me -- an older neighbor kid -- started rocking the chair back and forth. I was sure I'd fall to my death.

OK, these Ohio apples look pretty good. But let's remember: the best apples in the world come from upstate New York.

After enjoying a crisp apple, how about a char-broiled steak sandwich? A delicious, cholesterol extravaganza!

May I offer you some dessert? How about a winning slice of pie? These entries were about five-days-old when my friend took the photo. They still look tasty. Maybe with a cup of very strong coffee.

One of the art galleries:

How can someone judge a piece of cake without really tasting the icing? Is that possible? Isn't icing a key element in the experience?

I'd like one of each: the winners in the jams and jellies category:

Coshocton County is celebrating its bicentenniel this year (and its 160th county fair). The quilter highlights that anniversary in this beautiful creation:

Here's a crowd pleaser: somebody's salt and pepper shaker collection. Got a favorite?

Isn't this great? A pencil collection:

Another gorgeous winning quilt:

Since we're in the Buckeye State, there's a special category for buckeye candies. These look good:

October. Love it!


Glen Digan said...

I grew up in Wooster, Ohio and visited the Coshocton fair regularly in the 1940's. I am pleased to see it looks pretty much as I recall it from all those years ago.

Kathleenxxx said...

Gorgeous, evocative photos, John!

John said...

I'll have to confess.  I don't think my Thompkins County Fair looked as nice as this