October 17, 2011

Family Get-Together and Cookout at Son Todd's House

I've often mentioned the role luck has played in my life. Here's an especially happy example: my two children, three grandchildren and two great granddaughters all live in the Baltimore-Washington area. Yesterday (Sunday, October 16), son Todd invited all of us for a cook-out at his house in the hills near Thurmont, Maryland.

It was a perfect day (except for the Redskins' sabotaging their previous good showings with an interception-plagued loss to the Philadelphia Eagles).

Here's our host and cook Todd:

Todd prefers to live either in the heart of the city or way outside the suburban developments. I wouldn't want the troublesome commute, but Todd loves living here, and these pictures show why:

Here's the newest member of the family: beautiful, happy McKensie:

Mckenzie was a welcome distraction from the disastrous football game on TV. Here she is with my three grandchildren: left to right, Emily, Mckensie's mom Jessie, and Colin:

You can see where McKensie gets her good looks (she also resembles her dad, Dan):

And, speaking of good looks, here's Mckensie's gorgeous 5-year-old sister, Kaylee:

Here I am with my daughter (and chauffeur) Ann. We're both trying to avoid looking at the TV.

Here's the whole group. (Note that Jessie's husband Dan --Redskins jersey #47 -- is the only one who hasn't given up watching TV). Going clockwise, we've got Dan, me, Ann, Todd, Emily, Jessie (back to the camera), Colin, and -- sitting on the floor -- Todd's wonderful girlfriend Jill.

I love them all!


Mswope99 said...

God has blessed you, with such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing.

Jpetersen1419 said...

What a wonderful day and wonderful people!  i feel so lucky to have you all in my life.

Anne Goodwin said...

John, what a lovely family you have! Each of you is truly blessed.

John said...

And you are a wonderful addition to the family!