October 26, 2011

A Walk in Roscoe Village, Ohio and into the Surrounding Woods

It's a great Halloween house, although the 30-40 steps up to the door might discourage sugar-addled trick-or-treaters from making the ascent. Come to think of it, does this beautiful old house resemble -- just a little -- the Bates Motel from Psycho? I love the multi-colored leaf-strewn lawn.

Before my friends enjoyed their sunny day at the Coshocton-Ohio County fair two weeks ago, they had a few rambles through surrounding parks and small towns on a cloudy day. Here are just a few of the photographs they took.

Outside Roscoe Village, Ohio, they found the minimally landscaped remains of this old canal. In the mid-ground, you can see where a lock had been, to raise or lower the canal boats.

A still-splashy late dahlia:

A glimpse into the backyard of a patriotic Roscoe Village resident:

A moss-covered boulder in the woods:

Apparently, where the railroad trestle is now, an elevated canal used to carry boats over this river.

Beautiful, simple 19th century house:

Beauty -- fresh and supple --does not last, though age has its own special magic.

My naturalist friends might correct me (and I wish they would), but I think this is a "shelf fungus."

Raindrops glisten, caught in a spider's web.

Daisies. Summertime, hanging on:
Beautiful early autumn. Dazzling, even when the sun isn't shining!

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Jessie said...

Beautiful! Love those raindrops in the spider web.