November 1, 2011

Halloween on Sherier Place: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

I love my city (Washington, DC -- I know, but I'm not talking about the government) and my neighborhood (The Palisades). I wrote a couple months ago about what I think is the prettiest street in the Palisades. See

But, for me, the nicest street is Sherier Place, partly because 5030 Sherier was our first house in the Palisades, where we spent the early years, during our kids' childhoods. Mainly, it reminds me of the small town neighborhood street in Ithaca, NY, where I grew up.

So, on Halloween Eve -- a glorious fall Sunday -- I got out my camera and headed for Sherier Place, knowing it would be Halloween Central for decorated houses. Here's what I found in just a 3-4 block stroll.

For starters:

The Palisades is porches and flags, but now embellished with pumpkins and chrysanthemums:

And with ghosts and gravestones:

Spider webs and skeletons everywhere!

Three happy spooks say BOO!

More pumpkins and another skeleton. And BLUE -- in the sky, and in the window reflection:

More porches, more Halloween decorations, and more blue.

Some were taking advantage of the sunny Sunday afternoon to finish decorating:

Here's my favorite block of Sherier, looking toward downtown DC -- so close, and yet so far away:

Here's the view in the other direction, toward the DC/MD line:

Here's one reason it's my favorite block. 5030 was where we began our love affair with the Palisades:


It deserves a couple of close-ups:


Marilyn Hampton said...

Hi Palisades residents, especially my friend Janice!  I showed the amazing pictures to my two grandchildren today and they loved them!   Halloween has really only taken off in recent years here in England, and this year saw an increase in fancy dress, masks etc.   They even sell special Halloween sweeties now.    There is one thing we don't do yet - decorate our homes the way you all do.   I remember when we lived in Loughboro Rd in the 1980s Halloween wasn't the big thing it is now.   A pumpkin on the doorstep and a bit of "Trick or Treating" was about as far as it went.   Thanks for sharing the photos with me!!    Marilyn xx 

John said...

But you've got the bonfires on Guy Fawkes night.