December 9, 2011

At 93 and 100: Two Ladies Teaching, Doing, and Being Beautiful!

At 93, Tao Porchon-Lynch has practiced yoga for over 70 years, and taught students in India, France, and the U.S. for almost half a century. She has also written screenplays and produced documentaries.

We're always talking about the importance of exercise (like earlier this week, in a post about avoiding falls). It sure looks like this wonderful lady has her own special secret: staying active and positive, and sharing her passion with others. Listen to her joy:

Now, meet Ruth Kobin, a fabulous New Yorker who marked her 100th birthday with a cruise to Bermuda. Her family and friends were not surprised to see her dancing. How can we NOT celebrate this beautiful lady? Look at her!

Here's Ruth talking about Pilates and other exercises she loves:

Two wonderful women -- an octogenarian and a centenarian -- both active, vital, brimming with life and passion, and showing the rest of us what beauty REALLY looks like.

Hats off to you both!

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