December 6, 2011

A Delightful Surprise on the "Road Less Traveled"

Last Saturday, another spectacular and mild late autumn day, I strolled around the neighborhood. I had taken this particular "detour" before, but not when the leaves were gone. So, imagine my surprise when I saw THIS:

I stepped closer, and the view was even more intriguing:

And the fun was just beginning....
"What was going on here?" I wondered:

A recent visitor had added some fresh flowers:

I particularly liked these pieces of the puzzle:

Off to the side, I found another sculpture:

I must come back here some night when the moon is full, so I can catch the spirits in action, dancing and performing their special rituals.

I'd have thought -- after 55 years of living in the Palisades -- that the neighborhood couldn't hold any more surprises for me. Wrong!


Lynn Scholz said...

John, Any chance you'd be interested in talking about our brothel history?

Madhav said...

John, what are those hanging structures? Hooks? Something related to spirits? I'm glad to see you are writing more frequently in the blog!

John said...

Hi Lynn -- Sorry for the delay in replying. I'd be glad to share more about your former brothel if I remembered more,  All my defective memory has come up with is conversation with Charlotte and Roger Dow, the owners who remodeled the house. The workmen told them they were surprised to see evidence that the main floor formerly had been divided into a number of rooms so small that they couldn't accommodate much more than a bed.  One of the Dow's then did some research and found that the house formerly had a trolley stop in front of it and hints that it had been a  "House of Flowers" (the lovely name Truman Capote used for the title of his musical about a Caribbean house of ill-repute).

Eb_dc said...

Last summer, I saw a note addressed to the wizard (I think ...) and asking many questions about this art installation.  I don't know if the wizard replied, but I imagine s/he did ... perhaps you can find out more on the listserv?  

John said...

Actually I paid a return visit a month ago and talked with 3 or 4 young men who were hanging out there. One of them said his father put it up for his own amusement,

John said...

Always good to hear from you Madhav.  Actually I write 5 posts just about every week but sometimes I don't note them on Facebook.  Happy New Year!