December 20, 2011

The REAL Caveat Emptor about Gifts: Add a Stocking Stuffer at Your Peril!

On December 8, I shared results from an interesting study that showed people preferred receiving gifts they specifically requested more than unsolicited gifts the that givers considered creative, personal, and thoughtful.

So, that special person on your list asked for “Inter-Stellar Vampires” video game? Get him exactly that.

And – apparently – nothing else.

According to a new study just reported on NBC’s online “Health on TODAY,” stocking stuffers – and other additional offerings -- only serve to devalue the bigger gift.

In a nutshell, study subjects received either an iPod, or an IPod with ONE free song already downloaded. Interestingly, the recipients who got only the iPod liked it MORE than the recipients who got exactly the same thing PLUS the free song. Go figure.

It’s no wonder that lots of people have had it up to HERE with the whole holiday gift-giving thing.

See the full report at Beware the evil stocking stuffer.

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