February 14, 2012

Death and Illness at Downton Abbey

While I have mostly escaped the highly contagious Downton Abbey obsession, several good friends are seriously infected.

This past Sunday's episode on PBS dealt with several medical issues, including death by arsenic, spinal injuries, and the great flu pandemic of 1918, aka “Spanish Flu.” (One of the pleasures of this series has been watching the march of history across the TV screen. Recently we’ve seen electric lights, the telephone, trench warfare during WWI, and – this week – the Victrola. Good grief! How our world has changed in the past century.)

In any case, here’s a brief, intriguing critique from WebMD (one of my favorite online references) of the series’ portrayal of the latest medical matters at Downton. It’s clear that the progress we’ve made understanding how the human body works – and treating it for illness – has been astonishingly dramatic over this past century. There’s reason to believe – isn’t there? – that developments over the next 100 years will be even more amazing.

Here’s the link to the article: Death and Illness at Downton Abbey

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Patricia said...

Have to say, I'm another infected fan of this show...better than other junk on TV.