February 1, 2012

Walking for Health

An article / slideshow by Ruth Orenstein in the online journal Everyday Health summarized ten excellent reasons to “walk your way to health."

There were no surprises here for me; I often write about my neighborhood walks… and how they give me more energy, lift my mood, and ease pain. What I liked here was seeing all these great reasons in one place. And with another sunny day in our Nation's Capital today that will approach 70 -- yes, 70! -- degrees, I'm ready for a nice long stroll around my Palisades neighborhood.

Here are those ten reason:
  1. Walk to Manage Your Weight
  2. Walk to Get Blood Pressure in Line
  3. Walk to Protect Against Dementia
  4. Walk to Prevent Osteoarthritis
  5. Walk to Reduce Cancer Risk
  6. Walk to Prevent or Control Diabetes
  7. Walk to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk
  8. Walk to Improve Your Mood
  9. Walk to Reduce Pain
  10. Walk to Reduce Stroke Risk
Check out the brief slideshow. It provides some helpful additional info and tips. Ten Reasons - Walk to Health

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