March 23, 2012

More Wedding Photos: It's a Wrap!

This long-running saga of my trip to Nepal for the Nimesh-Bhawana wedding will come to an end on Saturday, when the happy couple arrives at Dulles airport and heads for my house. Correction: OUR house.

But before we close this chapter of my involvement with Nepal and its people, here's the "official" photo of the new couple:

Here's the smiling groom with his brother Ritesh on the Engagement Day (several days before the wedding). Right after this shot was taken, we got into the Mercedes for the ride from Nimesh's house to Bhawana's. In front of us were the red-sari-clad women dancing in the street; in front of them, a marching band.
This picture was taken that same morning by someone other than Ritesh, since he's in the photo with his lovely wife Salina.

Here's my favorite photo from Ritesh. You can see the special rapport that developed between Nimesh's grandfather and me, in spite of our language barrier. One of my fondest memories from the trip is a "conversation" we had at the Thapa house the day before I left Kathmandu, thanks to Nimesh, who served as translator. The chat confirmed my impression that he was a deeply spiritual man. He once fasted and meditated for 14 days. He gives away his government pension completely. When his own father, at age 92, realized his life was almost over, he and his wife agreed they wanted to die on the same day. And they did.

I've often wished I could speak Nepali, but never more than on this day:

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