March 30, 2012

My Nepali Families Are Adapting Better Than I Am!

It's now over a week since I returned from Nepal on Tuesday, March 20 -- bringing with me Ramesh's wife Laxmi and son Rahel. Then the newlyweds, Nimesh and Bhawana, arrived on Saturday.

I had surprisingly little jet lag after the flight to Nepal. But the return trip has been a different story. I'm only now feeling close to what passes for normal with me. But everyone else seems to be doing much better, as you can see....

Here are the Pariyars
Ramesh got one of his rare days off from work last Sunday, so the family came out to the house for a visit. Here's Rahel trying to capture the goldfish in my pond:

Here's Ramesh's beautiful wife Laxmi:

Here's Rahel doing something very unusual for him: standing still!

After lunch at Bambu, a neighborhood Asian restaurant, we went to the recreation center so Rahel could release more pent-up energy. There's that smile again!

Rahel is NOT a shy, retiring kid. Brand new country, new language... no problem! He saw some kids his age playing basketball, so he rushed over to join in. They didn't mind his intrusion, even when he accidentally bopped one of them on the head with the basketball.

And Now... the Newlyweds
Less that 24 hours after they landed, Nimesh was taking a remarkably fresh Bhawana to some of Washington's traditional tourist sites. Here's the required photo in front of the U.S. Capitol:

Then on to the beautiful Botanical Gardens with the beautiful Bhawana:

And of course the National Cathedral, which is still mostly closed for repairs after the damage from last August's earthquake:

We shouldn't close without a photo of happy hubby Nimesh:

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Mi Di said...

glad you're feeling fitter; look forward to seeing you and learning more about latest adventures.  ox m & d