March 27, 2012

Reduce Your Cancer Risk!

No question about it: cancer IS scary. One half of all men in America – and one third of all women – will develop cancer.

Yes, we all know people who have lived exemplary lives in terms of diet, exercise, etc. who STILL developed cancer. Nonetheless, there are things we can do to reduce our risk.

I've been a long-time  subscriber to a "Wellness Letter" published by the University of California-Berkeley. In a recent issuue, Drs. John Swartzberg and Jeffrey Wolf discussed “Preventing Cancer: Strategies That Can Reduce Your Risk.” The authors label their ideas the “big 12.” While such lists are sometimes pretty obvious, I found some of the suggestion thought-provoking. Here they are:
  1. Don’t smoke or use any tobacco product.
  2. Keep the weight off.
  3. Get off the couch.
  4. Eat a healthy diet.
  5. Drink less alcohol.
  6. Limit high-heat cooking.
  7. Limit sun exposure.
  8. Limit radiation from medical imaging tests [a GOOD one!].
  9. Test your home for radon.
  10. Test your water for arsenic.
  11. Decrease your workplace exposure to carcinogens.
  12. Limit your exposure to air pollution – outdoors and indoors.
For details, see the full article at Berkeley Wellness Letter

By the way, I'd add this thought: Carefully check out any dietary supplement you're using, or considering. In my continuing research, I was appalled to learn that several highly touted supplements I took years ago now carry warnings about increased risk of prostate cancer -- which I now have. I'm increasingly convinced that virtually all supplements have few proven benefits and lots of risks.

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