August 6, 2013

Edinburgh: One of My Favorite Cities

After our week in Paris, we flew to Edinburgh and checked into the George Hotel. I stayed here 35 years ago during my first visit to this city.

The George is a first-class hotel that attracts first-class beggars. The fellow sitting here just outside the hotel's front door is talking on his cell phone, probably with his broker:

We had only one day in the city. I had already visited most of the town's major tourist attractions, and was content to walk the few blocks to the Princess Street gardens. I picked a bench where I could sit and look at the famous monument to Walter Scott:

The impressive castle and old town rose directly in front of me:

More flower gardens -- and the entrance to the Scotland’s National Gallery -- were off to the right. There was a brief skirmish between the old John (the compulsive, see-everything traveler, who wanted to jump up and go see the gallery's Vermeer) and the new John (still very much in training, who thought “We’ve seen it during earlier visits, so let’s just sit here and relax”). This time, the "new" John prevailed.

That night, we enjoyed dinner at a waterfront restaurant in Leith, Edinburgh’s port town:

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