September 20, 2013

Views from my Meditation Chairs in Europe

“The meaning of life is having a spectacular view.”

Earlier this week, I explained how meditation enhances my well-being. Today, I want to share a final thought -- and a few photos -- about my treasured early-morning "joy of quiet."

I could meditate anywhere -- in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage. All I need is a straight-backed chair and a pillow for my arm rest.. Silence helps.

So does a pleasant view. At home, when weather permits, I sit on the porch and take in my backyard garden and pond. The birds chirping as the dawn breaks -- and the little waterfall in the pond -- add a calming soundtrack.

I could never have survived my five weeks touring Europe this summer if I hadn't been sleeping well. And I slept well through that adventure, in part, because I meditated every day. Here are some of the things I observed during my "joy of quiet" time on the road.

From my room at the George Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, I watched the dawn come up:

The view from my room at the Hotel Elizabeth in London lacked beauty, except for the tree by the parking lot:

Nothing else came close to the views from my balcony in Mürren, Switzerland. There wasn't much "joy of quiet," however; always in the background was the pleasant rumble of mountain waterfalls.

The meditation view from my hotel room in Asolo, Italy, was hardly bucolic, but still charming:

On the final leg of our adventure -- the cruise from Venice to Barcelona -- there were always glorious vistas to savor during meditation time, like this view of Monte Carlo from my stateroom's balcony: (OK, this obviously is breakfast time not meditation time, but I didn't take a photo at my dawn meditation.)

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