October 3, 2013

"Smaller: A Poem about Parkinson's" -- the Winning Video at the World Parkinson Conference

At Tuesday night's opening ceremony for the 3rd World Parkinson Congress (WPC) here in Montreal, we learned who won the WPC 2013 Video Competition: New Zealander Andy McDowell, with his entry titled Smaller: A Poem about Parkinson's.

Andy describes it this way:
This film was based on a poem I wrote 6 months after being diagnosed at the age of 43. I created it to help my two girls understand what was happening to me - and involving my eldest Lily (7) in the production was an amazing way to connect the dots. 
The defining message of the poem is that whilst Parkinson's has forever made me "smaller" in a physical sense I still have choice over the rest of my world. 
In a strange way PD requires me to be "bigger" to still be me and, whilst I can't speak for everyone, that seems to strike a chord.
Here's the charming three-minute video:

You can view other entries on the WPC's video competition page.

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