July 22, 2014

A Fabulous Fjord For Breakfast

Most likely, the highlight of the Norway cruise came as we headed for our first landing -- the village of Geiranger at the end of the Hellesylt-Geiranger fjord. The nine-mile waterway between these two towns is considered one of the world's most magnificent fjords.

How Fjords Are Formed
Fjords are waterway formed after glaciers ripped deep troughs into bedrock. Eventually, these glaciated valleys were filled by the incoming sea toward the end of the Ice Age.

Geiranger enjoys ice-free navigation year round, because the Gulf Stream carries its warm water north along the coast of Norway. Together, the warm water and cold air also create the region's typical cloudy mists, evident in these photos.

My Most Fabulous Breakfast Ever
As I stood in the ship's breakfast buffet line, the captain announced on the loudspeaker that we were entering part of the fjord where we could see the waterfalls named the "Seven Sisters" on the left and the "Bridal Veil" on the right.

I grabbed my cereal and coffee, and headed to the back deck. It was a cool, cloudy day with intermittent sprinkles, so not too many passengers joined me. I spent the next half hour saying to myself, "Life doesn't get any better than this."

Here are the "Seven Sisters" waterfalls:

Another view shows the separate water paths tumbling down:

After we docked at Geiranger, my two robust travelmates took photos from atop the cliffs overlooking the village.  The cloudy misty day only enhanced the views:

Not a very big church but I suspect the same is true of the congregation.

And here are the wild flowers we found everywhere:

Will the Hellesylt-Geiranger fjord really be the highlight of the trip? I hope I'm wrong, but it will be hard to beat. 

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