September 11, 2014

Alliance for Natural Health Lists "Best" Supplement Suppliers

Since I began this blog about five years ago, one clear trend has emerged: readers seem reliably interested in dietary supplements.

By far, the topic that has generated the most traffic here is coconut oil… particularly the (unproven) claims that coconut oil can treat Alzheimer’s, or retard the disease’s inexorable progression. I’ve devoted lots of ink in an effort to debunk that cruel, harmful mythology.

On September 9, I was interested to see an article – What Supplement Companies Do the Experts Swear By? -- published on the Alliance for Natural Health website.

I’ve never heard of most of these companies, and I’m certainly not endorsing any of them. I’m a firm believer that – in the realm of pills and most everything else – less is more.

My Favorite: Douglas Labs
But whenever I'm looking to replenish one of the supplements  I take (5-HTP,  curcumin, ashwaganda) I look to see if Douglas Laboratories is on the list. Here's why:

I've been impressed with the work being done by Dr. Rudy Tanzi.  He is a leading Alzheimer's researcher, having won the top AD awards. He also is  a neurology professor at Harvard, and director of the genetics and aging unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. I recently reported on an interview in which he was asked about his use of supplements and he responded:
The only supplement I take is called ashwagandha . . . Unfortunately, most of the ashwaganda you'll find online does not work. The best one comes from Douglas Labs.
The Alliance for Natural Health
Knowing the interest in supplements that exists out there, I wanted to share the ANH's list… if for no other reason than to see if readers have any reaction to it, one way or another.

As always, we need to “consider the source.” This roster of recommended supplement companies is offered by the Alliance for Natural Health,” an organization that defines itself this way on its webpage:
The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA)* is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. We protect the right of natural-health practitioners to practice and the right of consumers to choose the healthcare options they prefer. Since 1992, we have worked to shift the medical paradigm from an exclusive focus on surgery, drugs, and other conventional techniques to an “integrative” approach incorporating functional foods, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. We believe this is the way to improve health and extend lives while reducing the costs of healthcare back to a sustainable level. 
ANH-USA is committed to sustainable health, the recognition that our environment and our physical health are inextricably related. If we run out of clean water to drink, pure air to breathe or nutritious and uncontaminated food to eat, or if through our prescription drugs and vaccines we are poisoned by mercury or phthalates, our physical health will suffer. 
Sustainable health also applies the environmental ethic of conservation to our bodies. It urges us to live as nature intended us to live. Diet, dietary supplements, exercise, and the avoidance of toxins are especially important tools in building and maintaining health. 
Sustainable health is also about financial sustainability. Ever higher healthcare costs lead directly to higher unemployment and lower standards of living, both of which lead to more illness. 
Today, preventive medicine is too often defined as taking more and more drugs at an earlier and earlier age, even in childhood. The concept of sustainable health is real preventive medicine and will dramatically reduce healthcare costs. 
ANH-USA ensures your right to choose a sustainable and preventive approach to health along with nutritional and “integrative” healthcare. We lobby Congress and state legislatures, act as a government watchdog, file comments on proposed rulemakings, and educate the public, press and other decision-makers.
OK, so how did ANH-USA assemble its list of recommended companies? Here’s how they describe their methodology:
First we asked our trusted natural health doctors and integrative physicians about supplement brands they recommend. We then added to the list based on our staff and board experience. 
Please note that our list is not exhaustive; there are many excellent companies who pay a great deal of attention to quality and efficacy, and not all of them are represented here. However, here are some you may wish to research further to see if they are right for your family. 
In the list below, a doctor’s name after a listing indicates that this is his or her own line of supplements; bullets indicate brand names under which the parent company sells its products.
Here's their list:

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Advanced Bionutritionals (Drs. Nan Fuchs, Robert Rowen, and Frank Shallenberger)
Allergy Research Group
Ayush Herbs
Beehive Botanicals
Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc.
Biotics Research
Bronson Laboratories
Carlson Laboratories
CHI Health Products
Copy Nature (Dr. Jonathan V. Wright)
Country Life
Craig Nutraceuticals
Designs for Health
Douglas Laboratories
Eclectic Institute
Ecological Formulas
Enzymatic Therapy
Essential Formulas:
· Chia Omega Formulas
· Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics
Fungi Perfecti
Gaia Herbs
Garden of Life
Green Medicine (Dr. Jonathan V. Wright)
Herb Pharm
Invision International Health Solutions Inc.
Jarrow Formulas
LG Sciences
LiveOn Labs
Living Fuel
Dr. Mercola Premium Supplements (Dr. Joseph A. Mercola)
Moss Nutrition
Natural Immunogenics Corporation
New Chapter
NOW Foods
Nutraceutical Corporation:
· allOne
· AllVia
· bioAllers
· CompliMed
· Emerita
· Health from the Sun
· Herbs for Kids
· Heritage Store
· Kal
· Life-flo
· LifeTIME
· Montana Big Sky
· NatraBio
· Natural Balance
· Natural Sport
· NaturalCare
· Nature’s Life
· Nutra BioGenesis
· Oakmont Labs
· Organix South
· Pioneer
· Premier One
· Solaray
· Sunny Green
· Thompson
· Vaxa
· VegLife
· VitaLogic
· Zand
Olympian Labs
Optimum Health International LLC
Orthamolecular Products
Perricone MD Nutraceuticals (Dr. Nick Perricone)
Primal Force (Dr. Al Sears)
Pure Encapsulations
Purest Colloids
Ronald Hoffman, MD, CNS (Dr. Ronald Hoffman)
Dr. Sinatra (Dr. Steven Sinatra)
Standard Process
Tropical Traditions
Dr. Whitaker (Dr. Julian Whitaker)
Dr. David Williams (Dr. David Williams)
Wakunaga of America

<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>

Any thoughts to share? Any suppliers you’d want to add to – or remove from – this roster?

All comments welcome.

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Virginia Wheaton said...

Hi John, I've been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now. I have a feeling that you've written about supplements before, so forgive me if I repeat what's already been said. I'm keenly interested in the question of the need for supplements, having weaned myself off almost all of them, including two that were medically indicated for a condition I have. A quick search on Google brought up a host of articles published late in 2013, citing scientific studies showing that most supplements are at best a waste of money and at worst harmful. Here's a good recap of those studies:

And here's the Atlantic's take on the issue:

I have a feeling that some of your readers have a different attitude toward supplements. I look forward to the discussion.