October 10, 2014

Videos for a Healthier You

Perhaps because I spent so many years in school, fall is my time of year for new resolutions and projects. One of my long-term goals is to apply my "less is more" mantra to my physical surroundings by getting rid of the junk I've accumulated over the years, the clothes I never wear, the books I'll never read. I'm using the extra energy I feel on these beautiful fall days to work on the down-sizing project.

I'm extending this clean-up campaign to my computer. I've got many files of saved emails and web links that are now obsolete. All the clutter slows me down when I'm searching for things.

During this process, I found several links to health-related videos. The light bulb went on: I could clear out four of these saved videos by turning them into one blog post.

I saved them because I found them helpful. I hope you will, too.

"The Best Five-Minute Workout"
I came across that claim, clicked on the link, liked what I saw, and (sort of) followed along. See what you think:

Deepak Chopra Interviews Rudy Tanzi on the Benefits of Meditation

The BIG and LOUD Exercise Programs for People with Parkinson's
The BIG exercise program and the LOUD speech therapy program were both developed by the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program. I took the BIG program several years ago on the recommendation of my neurologist, and I'm still doing those exercises because they help me with balances issues. Now I'm being tested for the LOUD program since I'm starting to see worrisome signs that my voice is losing strength. I need to be LOUD in order to deal with one of my housemates.

WBAL-TV aired a segment that explains both programs. In a post last year about the BIG program, I included a few (humorous?) videos my physical therapist took of of my attempts at the exercises.

Should You Still Take that Daily Aspirin?
I took an aspirin every morning for years. I stopped when I first heard reports about aspirin's potential negative side effects. Medical authorities continue to disagree on the issue. The debate continues as you'll see in this link.

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