December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays and See You Next Year (Which I Intend To Live as Though It Were My Last)

I had intended a quick and easy post for today -- a "been there, done that" to those now planning travel to Cuba. The post would have included mostly photos -- with minimal narrative -- of my terrific (but unlawful) trip to Cuba in 2000 with my Brit pal Terry.

But after spending an hour struggling unsuccessfully with my Picasa photo library, I gave up. More than that, I decided to spend the rest of this holiday season spending quality time with family and friends... not with my computer.

During this coming "blog holiday," I'll meditate on how to carry out my game plan of pretending (???) next year will be my last.

Happy New Year,


p.s. For those on my Christmas card list, I'm using up what remains of last year's cards. When I run out, I'll switch to e-cards, since my handwriting -- never good -- is now virtually illegible.


Anna said...

Thank you, John, for a year of wonderful research, writing and sharing. May the holidays bring you much cheer and may you gain much clarity about the path ahead. You are loved and appreciated by people you don't even know!


Franky said...

Happy Holidays to you too!

Keep it up! ;-)

sunnysouth said...

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you!