January 12, 2015

With New Doctors, Meds, and Hope: A More Relaxed Me in 2015

Before taking a year-end blog holiday, I'd been carrying on about my blood pressure. The top number occasionally spiked -- sometimes above 200 -- into stroke territory. I was also experiencing sudden pressure drops -- to 70 and below -- which increased my risk of fainting or falling.

I was feeling lousy.

I talked about living as if 2015 would be my last year... and was thinking it might just well be.

Today, those dangerous pressure swings have passed, and I'm feeling fine. I'm thinking about possible future travels but not to a crematorium.

I wanted to tell my turnaround story. I thought I'd call 2015 my "renaissance" or "resurrection" year. Maybe I'd begin the post with the "Triumphal March" from Aida, having heard that anthem on Saturday's public radio broadcast from NYC's Metropolitan Opera.

As I gathered recent emails and records for the recap, I clearly saw how hyper I'd become about my health... and how my inner Drama Queen had taken center stage.

This morning, as I cleaned out computer files -- part of my new year's wish to simplify and declutter -- I came across a video with longevity tips from a 102-year-old doctor.

It's fun to watch, the tips are good, but I most appreciated his calm, casual, easy-does-it approach. No Drama Queen theatrics. No "Dr. Oz" miracle cures.

I want to keep Dr. Engleman's example top of mind as I navigate the inevitable ups and downs of the coming year... and years.

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Franky said...

Two ideas for the new year: MMS and DMSO.

MMS and Jim Humble (Plenty info on the web)



DMSO Dr Stanley W Jacob Part_1


All the best for the new year!

Keep it up!