November 15, 2015

Paris 11/14/2015 -- New York 9/11/2001

I searched for this video after getting this poignant email from by pal Terry:
I just wanted to tell you how events tonight brought back vivid memories of our trip to New York City in September 2001, when we walked around Wall Street and downtown near to the World Trade Center and saw all the names and posters and groups of people searching not just for those lost but for some comradeship, togetherness, human support. And there were you and I in the midst of it, trying to sense something out of an event that had no real sense to it at all
Prav and I and some friends went to La Boheme tonight at English National Opera at the wonderful Coliseum theatre just above Trafalgar Square. As we crossed the square the National Gallery was lit in Red White and Blue of the French tricolour, as were the fountains in the square; and just before the opera began the full orchestra and chorus struck up a rousing and profoundly moving performance of the Marseillaise, with the words in French above us in surtitles so we could all join in at the top of our voices and emotions.
It was terribly moving and marvelously unifying. And it took me back 14 years to our time in New York City. It was also ironic in that the ENO perform opera always in English. I had never before seen the words in the surtitles in a foreign language.
Here's  the concluding stanzas of La Marseillaise:
Children, let Honour and Fatherland
be the object of all our wishes!
Let us always have souls nourished
With fires that might inspire both
Let us be united! Anything is possible;
Our vile enemies will fall,
Then the French will cease
To sing this fierce refrain:

To arms, citizens,
Form your battalions,
Let's march, let's march!
Let the impure blood
Water our furrows

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