March 25, 2016

Nivah's Near-Perfect Birth Day Augurs Well for Her Future

Nivah, the daughter of my housemates Nimesh and Bhawana, was born on Tuesday, March 22. Bhawana had a remarkably easy pregnancy, attributable at least in part to her willingness to follow the advice and suggestions of her doctors.

She met with her obstetrician on Monday. Nivah's estimated delivery date  had been predicted for sometime this week but he didn't see any signs that this was imminent.. He suggested that Bhawana might want to try taking some walks since this might get things moving.

So Tuesday, Nimesh and Bhawana and her visiting parents headed down to Washington's Tidal Basin to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival and get in some walking. It was a gorgeous day -- sunny with above average temperatures. The cherry blossoms were almost at their peak. They spent a couple of hours there wandering around and taking photos

They got home mid-afternoon and a few hours later the contractions began and they headed for nearby Sibley Hospital. A little after 11pm, Nivah arrived.

Here's a photo journal of the day

The Cherry Blossom Festival Walk
Here is Bhawana with her parents . . ,

. .  . who look much too young to be grandparents.

Their walk included the nearby Martin Luther King Memorial.

The Walk Worked!

Nivah's Happy  Parents and Grandparents

Nivah Now Is Home 
Nivah came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon, I'm putting this post together Friday night in my upstairs office as I listen to the sound of laughter from the recreation room below where some of Nimesh and Bhawana's young friends have come by to see the baby.

I've yet to hear Nivah cry. And the only diapers I have to change are my own.

Many cultures and religions have major festivals in the spring. Christians will celebrate Easter on Sunday. Hindus in Nepal celebrated Holi on Wednesday. Nivah's birth on Tuesday will be celebrated here every day from now on.

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